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Andrew Parker, NOW Magazine (Toronto, Canada):

Doubles With Slight Pepper (from first-time director Ian Harnarine) offers no easy answers to a young Trini man’s struggle with his absentee father’s sudden reappearance in his life. It features two excellent performances by Errol Sitahal and Sanjiv Boodhu as son and father respectively, and together with Harnarine they offer one of the best portraits of a fractured family in recent memory.



Bruce Kirkland, The Toronto Sun:

Ian Harnarine’s Doubles with Slight Pepper, a complex and compelling Trinidadian tale about a father returning from Canada to a resentful family.



Peter Simik, D Magazine (Dallas, USA):

“Harnarine’s ‘Doubles’ is an exquisitely acted story about a father returning to the son and wife he abandoned years earlier inTrinidad. Told from the son’s perspective, ‘Doubles’ applies sharp pressure to its familiar immigrant situation, rendering a conflict of emotions that gets at the heart of generation and morality. It’s Harnarine’s first outing as a director, and his is a name to remember.”



A very well written piece over at Totally Filmi:

“Ian Harnarine’s Doubles With Slight Pepper is a gem of a short film.  It’s spare, with a story and dialogues that pack emotional weight.”



Trinidad & Tobago’s Newsday:

Audiences at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) received a good “trini” dose of Doubles With Slight Pepper as the short film of the same name was awarded the coveted “Best Canadian Short” for the 2011 TIFF Short Cuts lineup.



Here’s a wonderful article written by Norman Wilner about all of the Top Ten Short Films:

In contrast to some of the Top Ten features, nothing about the shorts feels safe. These are filmmakers working at their peak, experimenting with form and texture – shooting the works because they might not get another chance, and delivering.



Susanna Locascio, Tiny Mixtapes:

He holds the most prestigious day job of any aspiring director I’ve heard of, but judging by his funny, sad short Doubles With Slight Pepper (which took the prize for Best Canadian Short Film in Toronto), he’ll have to retire the lab coat pretty soon. The film, about an estranged father’s return from Toronto to his wife and son in Trinidad, is melancholy and witty, bolstered by Harnarine’s keen ear for dialogue and assured visuals.

Read the rest of Susanna’s great recap of TIFF11.




A very cool review from a Post-Colonial perspective by Roslin A. Khan thanks to CineCaribes.




A wonderful interview with the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival by Jonathan Ali thanks to ttff!




Fun interview about a lot of stuff with Phedra Deonarine courtesy of The Island Review.




Great piece about food & film at DIFF12! Megan Rodgers, Pegasus News (Dallas, USA).



An entire dissertation on the film by Francesco Nacchia:  Trinidadian English Creole, Hybrid Identities and Tasty Food: Audiovisual Translation and Multimodal Analysis of “Doubles with Slight Pepper”




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